The Benefits of Hemp

At Hempful Farms, our goal is to bring the healing power of hemp to people and pets all over the country. From our online store to the 30+ retail locations that carry our CBD hemp products, we’re spreading the good word on hemp, so everyone can enjoy the positive effects of organic hemp and CBD. If you’re suffering from a specific health issue, such as chronic pain or anxiety, or you’re exploring natural alternatives to boost overall wellness, we hope to introduce you to CBD, and provide you with high-quality, safe, and effective products for years to come.

Superior Quality

With Hempful Farms products, you can be confident you’re getting the best hemp-based CBD available in the United States. We only source the finest hemp that is USDA Certified Organic, and we handcraft all our offerings to ensure consistency and appropriate potency. Transparency is also important to us. We are exclusive distributors for Herer Hemp and Cloud Co Farms, and we work in partnership with American Green. In a burgeoning industry, like hemp and CBD wellness, you often need to self-regulate, which we do at Hempful Farms, so that we may bring top-of-the-line finished products to you and your family.

Our 10-year-old “CEO”

In 2016, Hempful Farms was featured on The Marijuana Show when co-founder Andi Martin and her son, Christopher, pitched Hempful Farms products to the show’s investors. Ten-year-old Christopher introduced himself as the CEO of Paw Puddy Pet Products, our line of CBD pet wellness treats and salves. We’re proud to say two of the investors bought $5,000 worth of Paw Puddy treats to sell in their stores, and Paw Puddy calming treats for dogs, cats, and horses continue to be among our best sellers.

Latest News

Hempful Farms CBD Products Review by JenLyn7391

Hempful Farms sent me over their 1,100mg HEMP CBD Oil, 400mg HEMP CBD Oil for pets, 50mg Hemp CBD Patch, & 1,000mg Hemp CBD Blue Dream Shatter. None of which have any THC in them whatsoever. This is my personal review of those products.

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