Have you noticed how fast the pace of life has become? With technology connecting us to every corner of the earth we are suspended in a constant web of information, data, and stimuli. As a result many of us are not being able to slow down and turn off our brains. Our neurology has become wired in a way where constant environmental stimulus produces a biological effect that throws our nervous system out of balance. We are hard wired to need quiet and downtime. However, this need is often neglected and as a result constant stimulation can create a snow ball effect. A racing mind impacts our ability to fall/stay asleep, reducing our bodies natural reset and restore cycle, creating an imbalance that can grow and negatively influence our hormone and immune system. More than ever we are in need of help to balance our overactive minds and hyper tension that comes with never really letting ourselves rest.

Honoring our need to rest and restore is difficult in a society that prizes behavior that has us working around the clock and constantly producing. Rarely, are we taught that resting and restoring should be an essential part of our daily routine, and the societal trend of go-go-go inevitably leads many people down the road to burn out. A term we use when you tapped your energy reserves and taxed your body to the point where it mentally and psychically begins to shut down. The signs of burn out can take many forms such as anxiety, depression, illness, fatigue/lethargy, general malaise… the list goes on. But one thing is certain, when it comes to burn out you can avoid it. This is where CBD and Yoga step in. Each of these modalities are designed to ignite the part of our biology that enables balance and restoration to take place. Maybe you have heard of our fight or flight response? Well, built into each of our bodies is a rest and restore response. However, this response is rarely recognized for its importance, but CBD and Yoga provide a way for us to tap into this system.

Used separately CBD and yoga are very effective, but when properly combined you give your body the ultimate reset button that allows you to re-establish balance. Essentially, CBD and Yoga turn on the same system. When you take CBD it acts like a key, connecting and turning on a very specific set of receptors that are woven through the body. Science has identified these receptors as ‘endocannabinoid receptors’, and they can be thought of as locks. When CBD connects to these receptors it acts like a key, unlocking and creating a signal that communicates to the body it is now time to turn on our rest and restore response. We are not going to dive into the details of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that will be for another post, but it’s important to know that this system is very broad and complex. Science has only scratched the surface when it comes to understanding and mapping out the many ways in which our ECS influences our health. However, we are coming to understand that our ECS acts like a giant regulating system whose sole goal is creating and maintaining homeostasis, i.e. stability in the body’s ability to function properly.

Like CBD, yoga has the ability to tap into this same system and create a very similar effect. It’s a common saying in yoga studios to feel ‘blissed out’ after taking a class. Not only did you detox through stretching, but a good yoga class will guide you into a state of inner stillness. Physiologically you are being guided into your natural rest and restore state. The biological system that CBD connects into and ignites is the same system that yoga targets. Pranayama, mantras, meditation, asanas, mudras, vinyasa, hatha, are all tools that help you connect back into your rejuvenation system. In fact, when you do yoga your body starts to produce its own cannabinoid known as anandamide. When cannabinoids exist within the body, they are called endocannacinoids. The endocannabinoid anadamide, also known as N-arachidonoylethanolamine, is nicknamed the ‘bliss molecule’ for its role in producing feelings of happiness. Named after the Sanskrit word Ananda, which means bliss, delight, euphoria or joy, anandamide was discovered in the late 1980’s by a group of scientists examining the function of THC in the brain. What they found was the receptors that THC connects into and has the ability to turn on are the same receptors that anandamide connects to and turns on. Because of this association anandamide is sometimes considered to be the body’s natural THC molecule.

Cannabis, and its theraputic properties, is becoming more accepted and appreciated by the general public. Currently we see yoga studios across the nation opening their doors to cannabis therapy by integrating CBD-infused yoga classes. These classes act as a pathway toward restoration and rejuvenation, and in the process helping students to avoid burn out. To help promote this cannabis-wellness movement Hempful Farms has initiated CBD-Infused yoga classes with its Arizona and California based stores. For more information on these classes please visit our store locations page. Stayed tuned for next week when we’ll be discussing the ins and outs of the Cannabinoid Family.

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