Hemp Pet Tincture – Bacon Flavor – Paw Puddy

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Full Spectrum Hemp Bacon Flavored Pet Tincture comes in a 400 mg bottle.

1/2 dropper once a day for pets under 40 lbs and a full dropper for larger animals.


Hemp Pet Tincture – Bacon Flavor – Paw Puddy

We have taken your favorite tincture for your best friends and have made it better.

It is now Bacon Flavored.

We still carry our original Pet Hemp Oil.


8 reviews for Hemp Pet Tincture – Bacon Flavor – Paw Puddy

  1. Beverly Herr (verified owner)

    My 14 year old maltipoo has arthritis & 1 leg bothered him so much he wouldn’t use it. He limped around on 3 legs. After using pet arthritis tablets & seeing no improvement I added 1/2 of a dropper of Paw Puddy CBD to his supper. Within a couple days he was using all 4 legs & playing like a puppy. I recommend this to all my friends with aging dogs. It’s a miracle oil for aging dogs! I stock up on this & a few other products when they are on sale.

  2. jcampos_808

    Bought this for my sisters border collie which always gets seizures. As soon as the seizure starts we rub this on his gums and he comes out of it quickly instead of seizing for over an hour.

  3. Laurie Black

    I put it in my dogs’ food every evening, and they love it! I have used several brands of CBD/Hemp oils for my two dogs to calm them from loud noises, and to heal heat bumps, and it works great! Thank you Hempful Farms!

  4. melanieheilbrun (verified owner)

    We had been using this for about a year with our 14 year old Aussie and not only did it seem to help him, he loved the taste of it. We lost our boy in February and still had a bottle left, we ended up using it in place of medication when our 3 year old Heeler injured his leg. This is a great product and we will probably always keep some on hand. Thank you Hempful Farms.

  5. Renetia Shepard (verified owner)

    This has been ideal for both of my dogs. My oldest dog(6), had total hip surgery in January. I started giving him this before his surgery, and I could see that he was moving much better. Once he had surgery and after all the meds were taken, I put him back on this CBD oil just to calm his anxiety and help his healing process. The best stuff on the market by far and their customer service is amazing! I would recommend this to any pet owner.

  6. susan.bala

    My sweet 17 year old collie/lab mix has some difficulty with getting around. Like most lab mixes, he has had joint pain for much of his life. But when age was factored in, his legs were the first thing to feel the effects. I have tried several things prescribed by the vet, but it wasn’t until I started to give him this oil that I noticed a reduction in his struggle to move about. This has been a Godsend for him. I highly recommend it!

  7. hhaulot

    My 15 yr old chihuahua has had a collapsed trachea for about three years now, which causes him to cough all day and night. Due to his age, he is not a candidate for surgery, so I’ve had him on steroids for years to help calm his cough down. Well the steroids have not been effective as of a year ago, so I started giving him the Paw Puddy CBD oil. Let me tell you, this stuff works wonders. I am finally getting to sleep again without him keeping me up all night with his cough. I give him the CBD with his breakfast and dinner, and he’s good to go. I also give this CBD oil to my labrador who is anxious and it works like a charm. I would highly recommend this product for your pets!

  8. mhappyreese

    About 6 months ago our oldest baby Bobo started dragging his back legs. He got so bad he was barely trying to stand my husband would have to go pick him up and carry him in. The doctor put him on steroids which helped a little but then got worse. We started giving him this cbd oil. He is 15 years old, weighs 73 lbs and we give him a dropper a day. Now he gets around very good. He still has a little problem but it’s like a miracle he plays hard with our young dog and goes outside without issue! We make sure we don’t run out!

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