Hemp Pet Healing Stick

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This CBD Hemp Healing Stick is made for sensitive areas on your pets.

The Paw Puddy Healing Stick was our first Paw Puddy product!

Designed for delicate areas for all pets.

Perfect for: Sunspots, dry-spots, hot spots, dry nose, and rough or sore paws.

Another great use for our healing stick is when the paws have been exposed to a splinter or a thorn. First remove the thorn then apply the CBD rub.

Get your CBD Hemp for pet-sensitive paws!


Hemp Pet Healing Stick

Vitamin E, and coconut oil.

Very easy to use.

Rub onto fingers or hands for dogs that are very active or directly apply onto the nose, paw, or other delicate areas.

How about some Hemp Cat Snacks?

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Weight 1.1 oz

1 review for Hemp Pet Healing Stick

  1. Amykathryn09

    I bought this after buying the hemp muscle rub – They both work.
    The hemp healing stick was used on our very old pit bull, Mason. He had a dry nose often and in the winter (Missouri) his paws would crack and be painful to walk on. Mason is gone now; RIP sweet boy…HOWEVER thanks to this product Mason had relief and better quality of life through the end. I’m so thankful to have been able to provide some sort of relief to his pain and discomfort.

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