Premium 400mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil


Premium 400mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

(6 customer reviews)


One ounce, 400 mg full spectrum hemp oil. Use topically, sublingual, or on food.

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Ingredients: full-spectrum, cold-pressed hemp oil and CBD Concentrate.

This product is not approved by the FDA. This product is not meant to diagnose or prevent any disease. If you need medical attention please seek a doctor right away. This product is not made from cannabis.

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6 reviews for Premium 400mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

  1. ramp4vs (verified owner)

    I started using this because I’ve been on medicine for my anxiety for 28+ years. I had an additional medicine that I took for the onset of panic and anxiety attacks. I haven’t taken that since I started this oil 12 weeks ago because I haven’t had ANY panic or anxiety attacks! Thank you for this great product!

    • hempfulfarms

      This is amazing testimony and Im so happy for you and thank you for sharing

  2. Franciedeall (verified owner)

    I have rheumatoid arthritis and have been on so many medications over the years. I can’t take the pain pills and wouldn’t want to anyway but I took high doses of ibuprofen for years just to take the edge off. My husband found your website when he was looking for pain relief for our dog and found the cbd oil for me. I can’t begin to describe how it has made me feel. It really helps me. I don’t take ibuprofen at all anymore. My stomach issues have improved since I’m no longer on ibuprofen anymore. This is the best product ever. I have taken cbd in the past from different brands but none of them have worked like hempful farms. I know I am gushing about this product but when you are in chronic pain and something comes along and gives you pain relief you are going to get excited about it. Thank you.

    • hempfulfarms

      So amazing to hear and thank you for sharing

  3. Lacey Ann (verified owner)

    Placing another order with Hempful Farms and realized I hadn’t left a review for several products. I mainly use this specific product on my face (apply a couple of drops similar to how you would an eye cream/moisturizer), use when I make bath bombs, or just add 2 or 3 dropperful’s to my bath. Love it.

  4. Lacey Ann (verified owner)

    My above review was 5 star- not sure what happened, but it’s showing on my end as 4 instead of 5. Just wanted to clarify:).

  5. kelli (verified owner)

    Had the honor of visiting the store and eating at the cafe while visiting the area. Tried one of the honey bombs available at the time and knew that I would be ordering products in the future. Absolutely love this product as an overall health and wellness supplement. I use it specifically for calming down my nervous system and joint/muscle pain and discomfort. My knees no longer ache! Definitely a beneficial product! When taking it, I simply feel better. I also appreciate the taste as it doesn’t have any added flavors and tastes as nature intended. Thank you again for being dedicated to your service to others by providing quality products that work.

  6. sjaslowski (verified owner)

    The full spectrum tincture is consistent and really good for dogs and humans

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