Full Spectrum Hemp Oil – 1100mg

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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil – 1100mg

Ingredients: Distilled Hemp oil, MCT.

This product is not approved by the FDA. This product is not meant to diagnose or prevent any disease. If you need medical attention please seek a doctor right away. This product is not made from cannabis.

1100mg CBD distilled Hemp suspended in MCT oil.

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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil – 1100mg

Ingredients: Distillate Hemp oil, MCT (carrier oil).

This product is not approved by the FDA.

This product is not meant to diagnose or prevent any disease.

If you need medical attention please seek a doctor right away.

This product is not made from Cannabis Marijuana.

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6 reviews for Full Spectrum Hemp Oil – 1100mg

  1. dorisbkr1949 (verified owner)

    I have panic attack…my doctor prescribed Tylenol with codeine for pain. I found out later that the prescription CAUSE panic attacks. I was looking for an alternative. I started to mixing full spectrum hemp oil into a smoothie. I was able to decrease my pain with out the side affects that Tylenol with codeine was giving me

  2. bnashb4 (verified owner)

    After trying many oils, this one I can tolerate very well. It is smooth and light in flavor. Thank you Chris and Andi.

  3. pmpaddymac66

    I really like this company they have a good product at a fair price. It works great for anxiety and for pain management

  4. knehamm

    Throughout my mothers 2 year battle with pancreatic cancer Hempful Farms Full Spectrum Hemp Oil helped you manage her pain and keep her off narcotics. It eased her anxiety during the intense chemo treatments and assured us there was one less chemical being pumped into her body. I have recommended and referred numerous friends and acquaintances to Hempful Farms primarily based on the high quality and care they put into their products.

  5. trey bender (verified owner)

    This CBD oil changed my life. Around 2 years ago my life long struggle with anxiety hit a breaking point. I have a gene mutation which means taking medications is a no go, and the few I tried were met with horrible effects. I was turned onto CBD oil by my wife: i went from not being able to get out of bed some days, to functioning fairly well on a day to day basis. It takes a while to get into your system but once it settles in, the anxiety and depression is a lot easier to handle. This is a high dosage, but very effective. The taste is not that bad like similar ones i have had from other CBD oil distributors.

  6. sk24373

    For those of us who understand the value and benefit of this
    “magic oil” it is great to have an even larger quantity bottle to keep on hand so it lasts longer! Our family uses this oil for so many things – from managing inflammation, to managing anxiety in both our human and dog family members. When my father in law was alive, he used this oil daily to manage his chronic pain and it ended up helping him be mobile again after years of pain and limited mobility. He had been depressed because all of the tradition methods of managing his pain did not work. A week after using this product he called to tell us that he was able to wash his own back in the shower and sleep on his back – among many other things! HIs mood improved greatly and he was able to get out of the house much more. He is in Heaven now, but we are forever grateful that we found his product to help him when he needed it. It also helped his eyesight, and his endocrinologist was amazed because after using this CBD oil regularly, his blood sugar stabilized and they were able to significantly decrease his diabetes medication. We gave this to our precious dog Ewok while he was struggling with heart disease and it helped his anxiety greatly and helped him sleep through the night when he was struggling.
    The folks at Hempful farms are great and so knowledgeable. If you are interested in learning more about CBD products talk to them. It’s so important to find people that you can trust!

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