Full Spectrum CBD Cat Treats – Hemp CBD Treats for Cats

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CBD Cat Treats – Great-Tasting CBD Treats for Cats

5mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil – 35 Cat snacks in Each Package

Paw Puddy Cat Treats are made and enriched in house with a healthy blend of beef stock, brewers yeast, chicken stock, butter, Hemp flour, Hemp Oil, and powder.

We bake them at 250 degrees and hand pack them in our 4000 sq ft lab in Phoenix, Arizona.

Better for your cat than catnip! They are healthy for cats and better yet, your feline friend will love the flavor and texture.

Order a pack of treats today for your favorite feline friend! They make a great healthy supplement for every day use!


100% Organic CBD Cat Treats – Great-Tasting Full Spectrum Snacks for Cats

Cats can be extremely picky eaters. They have sensitive tummies that can cause grief for them and for their forever home parents. You can probably tell when they are stressed – they don’t come around as often for attention, they don’t purr as much, and they don’t play very often like they used to.

These specially formulated CBD treats for cats will help your kitty-cat feel happy and content using the power of full-spectrum Hemp CBD.

Your fur-baby will feel much less stress and just want to play and cuddle.

Our top quality kitty treats made with our own 100% organic CBD oil have been used for all types of felines. They can be used up to 3 times a day as needed for pain relief or anti-anxiety treatment.

This product is not regulated by the FDA.

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11 reviews for Full Spectrum CBD Cat Treats – Hemp CBD Treats for Cats

  1. Gail Annacarto

    My cat is almost 15 years old and I noticed he was walking a little stiff – Since giving him these treats he runs and jumps like a kitten – These treats have really helped him and when I get the bag out – he comes running no matter where he is – How can they hear like that – Thanks for making my old man a kitten again.

  2. Karen Lawson (verified owner)

    My cat was having violent seizures. The vet said that medication was the only option, but only if she had one or more a month. I didn’t want to do meds if I didn’t have to, because it’s hard on their bodies. Lot’s of side effects. Well, her seizures did increase in frequency and intensity. She was never a friendly cat, either. Very anxious and hid in the basement 24/7. I tried these treats almost a year ago now. Her seizures stopped completely. She had a total shift in personality. She was loveable and frequently sought out human attention. It was amazing.

    She recently had a seizure despite all the wonderful progress she’s made. 🙁 I’m upping the dose now (it was only two 5mg treat at night) to two treats in the morning and two at night. It doesn’t seem to make her sleepy, and I’m thinking this higher dose will help. Hopefully, I will not need medications in the future, but I will always be thankful for these treats. It’s improved her quality of life a hundred fold and possibly saved it, since her seizures were so violent. Thank you, Hempful Farms.

    • Hempful Farms

      Maybe even try some CBD oil for her, maybe that will help too. Thank you for the feedback .

  3. petsrus2 (verified owner)

    My cat isn’t a picky eater so I hoped he would like these treats. He loves them. It’s a quick an easy way to give him CBD. He always wants more, and I have to hide them from the others. I started with 1 a day, then twice daily. He seemed to sleep more, but he was still anxious. Every 4-6 hrs isn’t an easy schedule. I hope I’ll be able to increase the dose.

  4. hollyhelmuth (verified owner)

    My cat goes crazy for these treats!
    She is 20 years old & they help her mobility a lot.
    She is very picky, and won’t eat any other treats.
    I love how they are packaged, and have a resealable pouch to keep them fresh.
    This company is top notch with there products and customer service.
    Always a positive experience, fast delivery too.
    I feel that my cat & I are very spoiled.
    I highly recommend these treats for your kitties.

  5. gwenn.robinson (verified owner)

    My cats love these treats and I love how it helps them be more relaxed! I found, too, that the treats were helpful after one of the cats had dental work done and wouldn’t let me give her pain meds. Also, Hempful Farms has excellent customer service. One time I was trying to place an order online and their site was having issues, so I logged off and thought I’d try again later. A few minutes later someone from customer service called me and apologized, and finished my transaction over the phone – with a discount for the “trouble”! All together, a great company and great product!

  6. Bridget Flanagan (verified owner)

    Our 2 Manx kittens absolutely love Paw Puddys – I use them as a tasty treat at the end of the day and it’s turned into a sweet and pleasant tradition. All I have to do is shake the Paw Puddys bag and those little fuzzies come running!

  7. duncandiana (verified owner)

    I can see the difference in my elderly cats using this product, it really helps

  8. JoAnn Glick

    Our cats love these treats! We have two – Nirvana and Karma. Nirvana pretty much loves anything, but Karma is a typical cat and is pickier than most. When he’s given a treat at any distance, he’ll mosey over and eventually eat it, maybe.

    With these treats, he actually runs over to them so Nirvana doesn’t get it first!

    Also with these treats our cats play more and seem overall happier than before. I have never experienced anything like this before with cats.

    Definitely recommend them.

  9. winnitay (verified owner)

    These treats are like mini magic for my old arthritic girl! She moves better and shows no sign of pain when she enjoys her special stuff. She now knows what the packaging looks like and gets really excited when she sees it coming out of the cabinet.

  10. julieb3an (verified owner)

    My babies love these treats. They definitely help my nervous kitties relax.

  11. brivilla95 (verified owner)

    Our cat is completely different with these treats. He is a fairly nervous kitty, and these treats have helped him become more comfortable in his daily life. He purrs so much more. These are a must-have in our house.

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