Hempful Farms Youngtown, Arizona

Hempful Farms Youngtown, Arizona

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It’s time to work it out

Hempful Farms Youngtown offers a variety of ways to get in shape or just relax.

Incorporating CBD infused oil massages and various workouts can help you transform into a better you.

(623) 440-1048

13200 N 113 Ave
Suite 3
Youngtown Arizona 85363

Saturday          Closed
Sunday             Closed
Monday            7AM – 3PM
Tuesday            7AM – 3PM
Wednesday      7AM – 3PM
Thursday          7AM – 3PM
Friday                7AM – 3PM

Menu of Services


Swedish Massage

A classic massage technique that relaxes tension in the body and promotes circulation.

60 minutes – $60

90 minutes – $90

Deep Tissue Massage

Alleviates sore muscles and eases tension by going beyond the usual superficial muscle massage.

60 minutes – $70

90 minutes – $100

Table Thai Massage

Stretching movements applied slowly in patterns of gentle rocking and rhythmic muscle compressions and joint mobilization.

60 minutes – $60

90 minutes – $90


Decreases swelling, relieving aches and pains, and easing the physical and emotional stresses of pregnancy.

60 minutes – $60

90 minutes – $90

Head, neck, and shoulders

Releases tension in the area and allows muscles to relax.

30 minutes – $40


30 minutes – $40

Massage Room Hempful Farms Wellness Center Youngtown, Arizona


60 min Anti-Aging – $70

60 min Clear Skin – $70

60 min AZ Vitamin C – $70

60 min Sensitive Skin – $70

50 min Mini Refresher – $40

* All facials listed above exclude extractions and massage.

30 min Microdermabrasion – $50

60 min Back – $70

* Same as facials listed above applied to back.

30 min Mini Back – $40

* Excludes extractions and massage.

Facials Include

-Makeup Remover (if needed)
-Double Cleanse
-Skin Analysis
-Extractions / High Frequency
-Facial Massage
-Mask (hand and arm massage while mask sits)
-Eye Cream
-Moisturizer / SPF

Facials Addons

-CBD Oil Drops
-LED Light Therapy
-Aromatherapy Hand / Foot


Woman in a Yoga Pose

Woman Getting a Facial

What Our Customers say

Kevin J Duermeie

Good stuff!!!!!!!! Great people!!!!!!

Kevin J. Duermeier

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