On August 17th Hempful Farms Youngtown hosted Medicated Mavens Yoga. Medicated Mavens is a group of certified yoga instructors who offer cannabis infused yoga classes. These classes blend together slow controlled movements with the calming and relaxing effects of cannabis.
Sarina Gomez, founder of Medicated Mavens, has worked in the health and wellness field for over 15 years. She says the purpose of Medicated Mavens is to help people release stress and anxiety of daily life and be able to move with a little more ease and freedom. When the Mavens come to town expect an experience that will leave you calm to your core! Across the US we are seeing more and more yogis and yoga studios open their mind and doors to cannabis infused yoga classes. This recent fusion trend is based on the shared history of yoga and cannabis that dates back thousands of years. A quick google search will reveal the wealth of sources that describe this history.
In addition to providing a yoga class the Mavens also offer a little education about cannabis-based wellness. During the Hempful yoga session Sarina discussed how Hempful Farms’ CBD muscle and joint rub and 14mg full spectrum hemp oil capsules are useful yoga and wellness aids. Educating their students about using cannabis to boost their personal yoga practice and overall wellbeing is an important part of Medicated Mavens mission. Sarina also noted that combining her passion for yoga together with cannabis therapy allows her to give back to her community in a way that is therapeutic and joyful.
Here at Hempful Farms we are excited to open our doors and help promote advances in cannabis-based wellness by offering more cannabis-infused yoga classes soon! If you are interested in knowing more about Medicated Mavens see (https://www.medicatedmavens.com/). You can stay updated on events and classes being offered through our wellness programs by visiting our different Hempful Farms communities located under our “stores” link on our website.
Chelsea Smith
Hempful Farms Inc.
Blog Writer

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