Blog post: Puff and Paint

Hempful Farms Youngtown hosted its first puff and paint event on August 3rd! Led by well known Arizona based artist Andrea Manciet. This event blends together guided oil painting with the added artistic boost of medical marijuana to create a deeply therapeutic, creative, and all around joyful experience. The benefits of art therapy have been well documented in helping to ease stress and anxiety, heal emotional trauma, and serve as a connective way to bring people together. Adding in the use of medical marijuana only heightens one’s ability to find their artistic expression.

In attendance were the owners of Hempful Farms, Chris and Andi Martin, who mentioned that with their busy schedule that keeps them constantly on the go, getting time to slow down and simply play for an evening does wonders to balance their mental health. Andrea Manciet, known for her portraits of people and pets, expressed that getting the chance to expand her passion for painting into teaching as well as blend it with cannabis therapy was fulfilling on a whole different level. Due to the success and fun of this event Hempful Farms Youngtown will be hosting another Puff and Paint soon! Details of the upcoming event can be found on Hempful Farms website under the stores link. 

Puff and Paint attendees


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