Hempful Farms Keeps it Real
Marijuana plant and Cannabis seeds in a plate

Hempful Farms Keeps it Real

Some of the great facts about Hempful Farms


We chose our unique hemp stalk, flowers and seeds from among only the best farms that follow strict standards. We look for the ideal ratio of cannabinoids to hemp.  We also make sure that all our hemp plants are grown in healthy natural environments free of pollution. We always source from the United States of America. Our hemp also follows all standards as issued by the federal government and respective state commissions.


All the hemp plants used in the creation of our CBD oil products are non-GMO, meaning they haven’t been genetically modified in any way. We chose our specific non-GMO hemp cultivar from farms that hemp that thrive in the microclimates that bring healthy crop and high cannabinoid.  Our farms have the capacity to produce the optimal ratio of CBD for use in our CBD hemp oil products. Hempful Farms focuses on harnessing the all-natural benefits of CBD, and that means using all-natural hemp in the creation of all our products.


Hemp plants are naturally resistant to most pests, meaning they can be grown without the use of pesticides. Because hemp is an efficient bio accumulator, it is important to avoid using chemical pesticides that can cause residual contamination of our products. To protect our consumers, we grow all our hemp without pesticides. Our choice not to use pesticides is also a healthy option for the environment as well. Toxic pesticides sprayed on hemp plants can leach into nearby soil and water sources, negatively impacting local biological environments. It is also important that a person using hemp products gets a product that is clean without having any side effects for their body.


Hemp plants are known for growing very tall and in close rows, limiting the ability of weeds to establish themselves among hemp fields. Since we sow our hemp seeds close together, the shade from the fast-growing hemp plants inhibits the growth of common weeds, negating the need to use herbicides. Like with pesticides, we avoid using herbicides because they can affect local biological communities or be absorbed by our hemp plants and transferred residually to our customers. For the safety of our end users and the environment, Hempful Farms only cultivates hemp grown free of potentially harmful herbicides.

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