Hempful Farms Chico, California

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169 Cohasset Rd
Chico, CA 95926

Saturday                  Closed
Sunday                     Restorative Yoga 11-12:15pm
Monday                    10AM-6PM
Tuesday                    10AM-6PM
Wednesday              10Am-6PM
Thursday                  10AM-6PM
Friday                       10AM-6PM

Hempful Farms Chico

Nicknamed the “City of Trees,” Chico is located in Northern California at the very tip of the Sacramento Valley.

Hempful Farms Chico is set within the city’s sprawling landscape of foothills and oak trees just outside Chico’s downtown center.

We focus on providing our customers with friendly, dependable service as well as operate as an information center where people can come in to learn more about the health benefits of CBD from our knowledgeable staff.

In addition to the information center, we provide weekend yoga classes taught by an on-staff certified yoga instructor.

Our goal is to empower our local community by offering quality products and services that aid in alleviating a variety of health issues and support a sense of wellness.

Meet Our Staff


Chelsea Smith

Chelsea is co-manager, health consultant, and public spokesperson at Hempful Farms Chico.

She has a background as an academic researcher in the fields of genetics, biochemistry, and anthropology.

Chelsea is also a certified yoga instructor and blends together her knowledge of yoga with CBD to create yoga classes that are deeply therapeutic.

Her passion for education and teaching helps people find a CBD-based health regime that suites their needs.

Chelsea’s number one goal is creating an atmosphere for people to come in and learn about CBD.

Hempful Farms Chico, California Travel Bag

Rick Killingsworth

Rick is a health consultant and the second half of the management team at Hempful Farms Chico, California.

Rick has a diverse background in local politics.

Before moving to Chico he worked as council member, vice Mayor, and Mayor of Prescott, Arizona.

His number one concern is getting the quality products at Hempful Farms Chico to as many people as possible.

Rick meets this goal by making sure that every customers leaves with a smile on their face and are sure to tell others about the wonderful customer service at Hempful Farms Chico.

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