Wholesale and White Label Program Details:

Wholesale Program:
We offer discounts on nearly all of our products for our wholesale program! The prices are based on the quantities of each item that you purchase. Even if you are a wholesaler in our system, you can still purchase less quantity than the first price break but you would not get the price discount.

To become a wholesaler, you will need to be a real business, with a tax ID, bank account, etc in the state(s) that you do business. Verified wholesalers will not be charged sales tax on purchases because you would charge the sales tax on what you sell.

Here is the information of what we would need from you:

Business Name
Preferred Username
Primary Contact Name
Emaill Address
Shipping Address
Billing Address

White Label Program Details
Our White Label Program allows you as a distributor to purchase certain products in bulk and add your own company’s label to the product, which serves to brand the products as your own.

Hempful Farms would supply your product but as far as your customers are concerned, your products are your own!

We only sell the following products as white label to our distributors – note that there is a minimum purchase of 500 jars/bottles for each product on any order:

400mg Full Spectrum Oil
1100mg Full Spectrum Distillate
150mg Joint & Muscle Rub
500mg Joint & Muscle Rub

Interested in Our Wholesaler or White Label Program?

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